Circular Economy

Celebrating eBay’s Sellers’ Dedication to Sustainability on Earth Day


In honor of Earth Day, we’re highlighting some of the many ways our sellers show their commitment to conservation and sustainable commerce.


可持续性和推荐从一开始就是我们市场的支柱。自从我们的创始人Pierre Omidyar以来推出了eBay,他的销售将一个破碎的激光指针销售给寻求给予它新的生活的人,我们的市场通过仍然存在意义和价值的物品在世界各地连接了买家和卖家。在地球日2021年,我们庆祝我们社区的可持续成就,因为今天的意识商务遗产仍在继续和蓬勃发展。

事实上,我们最近Recommerce Reportfound that almost three-quarters of our surveyed sellers began selling pre-owned goods last year, and that increasingly, more people are turning to buying and selling secondhand goods online to support a healthier planet and sustainability efforts overall. Thanks to our sellers, 720,000 metric tons of carbon emissions — the equivalent of more than86,700.每年的家居能源使用 - 通过在eBay上销售其预先拥有的电子和服装的人们保守。

“I am continuously inspired by all the inventive and innovative ways our sellers support sustainable ecommerce,” said Renee Morin, Chief Sustainability Officer at eBay. “Not only do their items provide a rich breadth of inventory, but their choices create jobs, save items from the landfill and help move us further down a path toward a healthier planet for us all.”

For Earth Day 2021, to celebrate our community’s achievements on our marketplace, we are spotlighting three of our sustainably minded sellers by sharing their stories here.


Eric Tripp Erics Corner Store

加拿大卖家Eric Tripp认识到攻丝的经济和环境价值,进入了从预先拥有的电器采购的零件和配件潜在库存的一套。在他作为渥太华公交车司机的夜班时,他注意到人们经常在遏制垃圾填埋场上留下更老的电器来送到垃圾填埋场。他看到了一个机会,他决定挽救这些电器的完全好的部分,并在线销售他们,让人们修复自己的破碎物品。“在我的eBay商店,您将找到最模糊的东西 - 洗衣机电机,计算机主板,汽车挡风玻璃电机。你会发现你不一定想要的东西,但你需要的东西修理你所拥有的东西,“埃里克说。

In January 2015 Eric started selling parts inEric’s Corner Storeon eBay to reach a national audience, and after a few months of hard work, in May 2015 he was able to leave his full time job and support his family with the income from his eBay shop. “What’s great about this business is that not only am I keeping things out of the landfill by recycling them, but the parts that I have extend the life of another person’s appliance, and they save money,” he said.

Creating Buzz on Plastic Pollution

Carol Rees Bee Happy Eco产品

除了通过轻轻地使用的物品节省的资源,其他卖家通过创造环保的新产品和创新产品,通过创造新的和创新产品来保持物品。从英格兰曼斯菲尔德的Carol Rees开始在寻找减少单用塑料的方法后开始她的eBay业务。完善将美丽的蜂蜡包裹成一个更可持续的替代品,以便为贴身包装,她的eBay商店蜜蜂快乐的生态产品诞生了。很快,她追求她全职业务and left her position at a local college. She expanded her inventory to include cotton flannel wipes as an alternative to wet wipes, as well as reusable flannel handkerchiefs. Carol makes everything by hand at home, sources beeswax locally and even includes leaflets with helpful sustainability hints and tips with her purchases.



human I T technologist refurbishing electronics

我们的一些卖家是非营利组织,可将使用物品重新灌注,为他们所服务的人们创造希望。我们的一个eBay for Charitysellers, Long Beach, California-headquartered人体I-T,使其成为促进数字包容性和在线访问需要的使命,同时也要从垃圾填埋场转移废物。翻新不需要的计算机和其他技术,人为I-T,然后将它们分配给个人和其他非营利组织,免费或以显着降低价格,以及免费的数字培训和低成本的互联网接入。

自2012年开始拥有谦虚的电子修复店以来,人类I-T已指数增长,重新批准超过140,000件技术,并防止超过670万英镑的垃圾填埋场。在Covid-19全球大流行期间,在人力I-T服务的整个社区中的影响对人力I-T的整个社区的影响。“In the past year we’ve been able to provide more than 51,000 laptops to schools and families across the country, empowering students to keep up with their studies virtually and people to stay connected while remaining at home,” said human-I-T’s Director of Impact and Sustainability Allie Bussjaeger. “It’s a win-win — transforming e-waste into opportunity helps both people and our planet to thrive.”

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